Homerun Media in Copenhagen Denmark offers all services for your filming needs in Scandinavia. If you need a fixer or a full-scale production, nothing is too small or too big. 

We got plenty off free desks and rooms for shorter or longer periods.

We are based right next to the parliament buildings (75m) and a view to the PMs office from our street entrance –  in beautiful downtown Copenhagen in quiet, secure offices.
We assist in all areas of media production from still photography to commercials, feature films and TV-Series, as well as corporate films and news productions.

Whether you need help finding locations, getting filming permissions, runners, editors, directors, actors or even equipment, we either have it in house, or an extensive knowledge of where to find what you’re looking for.
We have professional and extremely efficient crews and guarantee a fast response time on applications, Denmark is the perfect location for your production in Scandinavia. 
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